A List of Korean Massage Parlors operating in New York City

Mimi Korean massuese in New York

Mimi from Asian Flower looks magnificent.

** Note: An updated version of this list has been posted for 2016: http://rockitreports.com/a-list-of-korean-massage-parlors-operating-in-new-york-city-in-2016/ **

Way back in 2013 when this site was is its infancy I posted a list of Korean Massage parlors in New York. As time went on that became a popular page on the site so I decided to do another post on the subject in 2014 even though the original drew some criticism from people complaining that it only covered Manhattan.

As should be obvious this site was created only to entertain readers and give me an outlet to write about the adult entertainment industry around the world. Since I neither suggest or recommend anything I take no responsibility for what people do with any information they find here. Individuals have to make their own choices in life after all.

Besides all of this information is publicly available online. Because the information is presented as it is here I don’t really see how anyone could take issue with me leaving something out but it still happens from time to time. It is no sweat off of my back but like the thousands of comments that have been left here over the years it does give me insight into the human psyche or at least the way a large sample of guys and girls interested in commercial sex think.

As I have made clear before this list only contains massage parlors operating in the borough of Manhattan. To me and millions of others this is “the city”. That’s not to discount the other four boroughs that make up the rotten apple. There are plenty of parlors in those areas too. I am just not writing about them here. I may at some point in the future. There may even be Manhattan parlors or other relevant information missing from this list. Since I don’t know everything that’s a real possibility. With this post now in its third annual incarnation I find it interesting to see which shops are still around from the first post and who has ended up where.

Secret Diary – This shop is an old standby in Midtown Manhattan. It was the first parlor listed on the original list I published and it is still open today. That says quite a bit in an industry where places and even people can come and go from one day to the next. I think they had better looking women on staff in the past but that too is subject to change at any moment. Their website is www.secretdiarynyc.com and their phone number is 917-531-1867.

Dream Girl – This is another outfit that made it on my list last year. Located a little higher up in Midtown Manhattan this shop does well at maintaining a staff of really attractive women. Last time around I stated that they seem to get a lot of women new to the city and that still seems to be true. The Dream Girl website is www.dreamgirlny.com and its phone number is 646-276-0229.

NY VIP Asian – Yet another shop that continues to survive this establishment appeared on the list last year and a previous setup was on the first rundown I published. A lot of the women working at NY VIP Asian look like they just stepped out of a K-Pop music video which could help explain why it’s always so well reviewed. The website is www.nyvipasian.com and their phone number is 646-596-5068.

Asian Paradise – This establishment just appeared on my radar recently which means that is probably relatively new. Located in Midtown West they have quite a few women on staff including some really that are really attractive. Both Eve and Sophia look good to me. This parlor’s website is www.nyasianparadise.com and their phone number is 347-256-8137.

Korean massage Bonnie

Bonnie from Blue Angel is bodacious.

Lovely Asians – This is another shop that was listed in the original post. They are still going strong it’s not terribly difficult to figure out why. Their website leaves little to the imagination with lots of lovely pictures that give a very good idea of what the women who work there look like. Their phone number remains 212-470-0409.

Blue Sky Asian – This parlor is not to be confused with Blue Angel from last year’s list. It is another new addition that came to my knowledge only recently. From what I can see the staff looks incredible across the board. The shop’s website is www.blueskyasian.com and their phone number is 646-342-7253.

Blue Angel – As just described this shop was listed last year and is still open though their website address changed to www.nycblueangel.com. They continue to have some of the best looking women around including mainstay Bebe. Blue Angel’s phone number is 917-615-3281.

Fantasia NYC – Located downtown this shop was established before this website was even imagined and it is still going strong today. Like Dream Girl they seem to get a lot of women working for their first time in New York. They also staff a lot of old favorites that bring plenty of repeat customers. Fantasia’s website is www.nycfantasia.com and their phone number is 347-339-6061.

Twinkle NY – This establishment opened its door fairy recently but it always seems to have some of the best looking women around. I could be wrong but it seems to me that they tend to get women with a more American look with curves and tans being a somewhat common sight. Twinkle’s website is www.twinklenewyork.com and its phone number is 917-861-6600.

Asian Flower NYC – This is another outfit from the original list I published that is still operating. They have a large staff that includes some very good looking women and quite a few who are new to the scene at least in New York. Located in midtown the shop’s website is www.nycasianflower.com and their phone number is 646-538-6157.

Hot Lips NYC – With a name that sounds like it belongs to a kiss bang this is another establishment that has been around for a few years. Operating in Midtown Manhattan it continues to stand out not only for the great looks of the women it staffs but also its habit of listing vital statistics and linking directly to user reviews from its website. Their phone number is 646-309-0460.

Rose House NYC – Located on East 37th Street this establishment opened its door sometime in the last two years. The place looks very nice and there is a handful of quite good looking women on staff. Rose House also links to reviews directly from staff profiles on its website. The shops phone number is 347-624-3305.

NYC Asian Models – The last shop to be carried over from the previous list this is another establishment that has managed to stay around long enough to earn a repeat mention. In this case the name of the business is pretty fitting as most of the women working do look good enough to be model material at least in the adult industry. Their website is www.nycasianmodels.com and their phone number is 347-408-8876.

And that’s it for this year folks. It’s not guaranteed to be accurate but it is all I know for now. I’m sure some will be glued to their chairs waiting for the next annual list to roll around in 2016 but for others looking for immediate information that includes peer review and contribution the old standbys like Erotic Massage Parlors, RubMaps, Naughty Reviews and Spa Hunters are still online.


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