A List of Korean Massage Parlors operating in New York City in 2016

candy korean massage

Candy at NYC Jackpot looks sweet.

One of the first posts published on Rockit Reports when this website went online way back in 2012 was about Korean massage parlors in the United States that offer full service happy ending to punters with a bit of money to throw around. Writing anything of that nature requires the use of generalities. Obviously not every massage shop that is owned or staffed by Koreans offers those kinds of services. There are however a specific subset of places that do. There is no way for me to know which is which though I can find out the same sort of publicly available info that anyone else with a bit of time and resources can dig up.

For the last four years I have been publishing lists of Korean massage parlors in New York for the edification of readers. I have never tried to find out what went on inside of the places on the list. Similarly I have never suggested that anyone visit the places on these lists. In fact I have never suggested that anyone do anything or go anywhere. I definitely would never suggest that anyone do anything illegal even when I find certain laws to be totally ridiculous. I simply write so that people like you will have something to read. Many seem interested in this topic which is reason enough for me to cover it.

Earlier this year quite a few Korean owned massage parlors were raided by law enforcement agencies and closed. I reported on these events soon after they happened. I do not know if there is any truth to the charges that have been brought against people in relation to these raids but I do know that I take most government claims with a very healthy dose of salt. I have had some long and serious talks with people involved in the trade who have told me things that contradict a lot of what is claimed in the media and court filings. Whatever the case may be there are still lots of Korean places open for business in New York along with all kinds of other outfits owned by Americans, Chinese and people from various other countries.

It is not clear whether people working in raided facilities will be successfully prosecuted for offenses related to sex work. What is clear is that the world’s oldest profession will not be laid to rest through the actions of a few agencies. For better or worse the all mighty dollar continues to reign supreme in the United States as in the rest of the world.

What follows is a list of massage parlors currently operating in Manhattan that seem to be Korean owned and operated. As astute readers who have paid attention to my continual assertions that this website is for entertainment only know I have no special information or insight into what goes on at these places or how they are run. Even if I did I probably wouldn’t spill the beans here where people who for whatever reason hate adult entertainment can easily access it.

If this list appears to be smaller that those of previous years give a thought to the kind of climate that is hanging over New York City at the moment. That can explain more than I could ever hope to through a simple article here.

Pink 31 is a newcomer to the list. Located in midtown Manhattan the shop boasts a staff of five who from their photos all seem to be incredibly attractive. The shop’s website claims to feature “100% real pics” which would be a totally novel idea. Most pictures used on sites like these are airbrushed almost beyond recognition even when the women who feature in them are truly gorgeous. Pink 31’s phone number is 212-683-8200.

Private Hottie is another new midtown shop. Located on East 31st Street the place maintains a very simple website though it does contain pictures of some great looking gals. This place also claims to use totally real untouched photos and it appears they may be telling the truth about that too. Private Hottie’s phone number is 646-552-3769.

Sweet Spa 29 is one more new shop. At least it is new to me. I haven’t seen this website prior to 2016. I’m sure I would have remembered coming across it as it is filled with very sexy pictures of some incredibly built Asian women. As the name would suggest the shop is located on East 29th Street in Manhattan. Its phone number is 646-752-7757.

Heidi Korean massage parlor

Heidi at Asian Honey Bunny also looks delicious.

NYC Jackpot is yet another new shop that is appearing on the list for the first time this year. It has a simple website that reminds me a lot of the days of old. The women on the website on the other hand don’t look old at all even though one on the list has been in the game for nearly a decade. The whole group of four appears to be very good looking. The shop doesn’t publicly list its location but rather asks potential clients to make contact by phone to book an appointment in advance. NYC’s Jackpot’s phone number is 917-330-3524.

Honey Girl on the West Side shows two women on its homepage. Both have been photographed very well even though one appears to be deep into middle age. Even though the website is a little out of the ordinary it does have pizazz. The advertised availability of table showers means it is most likely not all that different from the competition. Honey Girl’s phone number is 212-586-8887.

The website for Sally’s Spa is very similar looking though it contains pictures of numerous women. Some of them are unbelievably attractive. The shop claims to use untouched photos and actually seems to be telling the truth. That’s almost unheard of. Sally Spa’s number is 212-564-0552.

Silk Tigers on West 38th Street either has the same owners or the same web designers as Sally’s. Their website also contains raw photos that honestly do seem to be unedited. That makes the looks of the women pictures even more amazing. They all look totally incredible. The shop’s phone number is 212-382-1888.

Seoul Desire is another new shop appearing here for the first time. I only recently became aware of this place’s existence though it does seem to have a following. I’m not sure how Seoul Desire operates. The website only shows one woman on staff. I do have to admit she looks great in the many photos of her on the site though it is rare to see just one gal. It is even more out of the ordinary to see a shop without a phone number. The only contact information the place lists is an email address.

It may be that the model is changing. At least one website has appeared under the name Diva that promotes a single Korean escort working out of Midtown East. The photos displayed on the site follow the style typical of Korean massage parlor advertising though in almost all cases parlors employ more than one woman at a time. The rates are about double those of traditional Korean massage parlors too.

Asian Honey Bunny is the last shop to make the list this year. It too is making a first appearance which means that none of the shops listed last year are still around even if some of the same people are still working under other names and labels. Asian Honey Bunny just barely made the list. While it obviously has some Korean women on staff I’m not sure if it fits into the mold of the Korean massage parlor. Some of the women working at Asian Honey Bunny don’t seem to be Korean and some of the outer appearances are a lot different than what I am used to seeing. The shop’s website even advertises for women to apply for jobs in English. Whatever the place may be Asian Honey Bunny’s phone number is 631-805-8497.

That’s all I have. It may not be exclusive but its what I know. Surely things will change by next year when the 2017 incarnation rolls around. Perhaps there won’t even be a list at all. Things continue to change even as they ultimately stay the same.


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