A List of Korean Massage parlors in New York City

** Note: An updated version of this list has been posted for 2015: http://rockitreports.com/a-list-of-korean-massage-parlors-operating-in-new-york-city/ **

Lucky of NY Asian VIP massage parlor

The luscious Lucky of NY VIP Asian.

A little more than a year ago I published a list of Korean Massage Parlors in New York City after several readers asked for it. Needless to say that report was a popular one, with plenty of people commenting on the post and even more reading it (at least according to my statistics).

With so many views it was to be expected that some fault would be found with the post. One issue mentioned was that I only listed massage parlors operating in Manhattan. Forgetting that for me, and many others, Manhattan is “the city,” I can only say that I wasn’t trying to post a complete and final directory of every massage parlor in the five boroughs of the Big Apple. I probably wouldn’t assemble such a list even if I could. And that brings me to the other issue brought up on that post: the disappearance or relocation of numerous massage parlors in last year’s list.

Asian massage parlors come and go, open and close, change owners and move around. This is simply the nature of the beast, especially in the kind of atmosphere that currently exists in the Land of the Free. Outside of continually checking in on every shop around town, maintaining a completely current list would be tough to do.

What I can do is post an updated list based on the information I have today. With any luck, I will continue to do this on a somewhat regular basis for as long as it is demanded. Again, please note that I am not recommending or promoting any of the shops on this list to anyone. I am simply passing on the contact information I have obtained.

Readers may also be interested in an earlier post explaining how Korean massage parlors typically work in some detail. As always your mileage may vary.

Secret Diary – This shop was the first listed on last year’s list. It had just opened when I made that report and it continues to operate today. With the usual revolving staff, Secret Diary seems to attract some of the best women in the business. If they can attract women at the top of their game they must be doing something right. Their website is www.secretdiarynyc.com and their phone number is 917-531-1867.

Dream Girl – This midtown-Manhattan shop is making its first appearance on the list this year. With a very convenient location, Dream Girl staffs some of the best-bodied women to be found in any of the Empire State’s many massage parlors. It also seems to be a starting point for a lot of women working in the States for the first time. The shop’s website is www.dreamgirlny.com and its phone number is 646-276-0229.

NY VIP Asian – Not to be confused with another shop from last year’s list, this shop too seems to be a reincarnation of a shop previously operating under another name. Since name changes are common in the field and not usually associated with trying to flee from customers who have been fleeced I don’t think I need to write out every transformation NY VIP Asian has gone through. This shop is located in Manhattan’s East 40’s and has been getting some good review. NY VIP Asian has a website at www.nyvipasian.com and their phone number is 646-596-5068.

Lovely Asians – This shop was listed last year and is still going strong. New girl Sunny looks like she is stacked to the max and Kara is hot as always. The Lovely Asian website is still at www.lovelyasiannyc.com and their phone number hasn’t changed from 212-470-0409.

Fantasia NYC – This is another shop that was listed last year. I’ve known about it for quite a while before that list even appeared, which means that Fantasia NYC has been around for some time. It can be tough to stay in business anywhere, but especially in this industry and in New York City of all places. The continued existence of this place says a lot. Fantasia’s website is www.nycfantasia.com and their phone number is still 347-339-6061.

Nana from WaiKiKi Korean Massage Parlor in Manhattan

Nana from Waikiki looks amazing.

Twinkle NY – This shop on 55st is either new on the scene or I just became aware of it. I can’t say much about the place since it’s new to me, but the staff looks quite alright. The shop’s website is www.twinklenewyork.com and its phone number is 917-861-6600.

Hot Lips NYC – Another shop that has made it through the tough period from my last report to this one, Hot Lips NYC operates out of a nice location in Midtown Manhattan. While so many shops seem to have something to hide, Hot Lips goes the extra mile by posting direct links to customer reviews of staff members on its website. The shop’s phone number is 646-309-0460.

Rose House NYC – Operating on the southern end of the typical Manhattan KMP range, Rose House NYC is another newcomer that I’ve just learned about recently.  They may very well be connected to someone who has been in the industry before as their set up is completely professional and very well run. Like Hot Lips, Rose House isn’t afraid to let you know what their customers think. They too post links to reviews on their website. Their phone number is 347-624-3305.

Asian Flower NYC – This is the last of the shops from last year’s list that has made it through the gauntlet, continuing their operations in Midtown in 2014. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Asian Flower has become a sort of standard on the scene. With reliable service and women who look as good as Tiffany and Cindy, it’s easy to see why. Their website is www.nycasianflower.com and their phone number is 646-538-6157.

Waikiki Spa – I don’t know much about this new shop located on East 29th, but I do have to give them credit for putting together one of the most modern website’s I’ve seen in the field. That doesn’t have much bearing on the staff and the level of service provided, but it’s nice for me to see anyway. According to their website, they even offer a body slide service. Their phone number is 212-213-8808.

Blue Angel NYC – This is another shop offering the usual services in Manhattan. While staff members always come and go and places like this, it does seem that Blue Angel has an unusual ability to attract some of the best looking women around. Bebe is an absolute beauty. The Blue Angel website is www.blueangelnyc.com and their phone number is 917-615-3281.

NYC Asian Models – Not to be confused with Asian Models NYC from the last list, this shop offers a similar level of service and a stellar looking staff. Their website is www.nycasianmodels.com and their phone number is 347-408-8876

That’s my list for this year. It’s not inclusive, but I hope you’ll enjoy it. I don’t know when I’ll be assembling another. As always I welcome your comments on this and all my other posts, even if they are critical of what is written. If it wasn’t clear before let me repeat that I don’t advocate or suggest anything on this website, which is intended for nothing more than entertainment.

Those looking for immediate information will be happy to know that up-to-date user reviews of these and other shops throughout New York and the United States can always be found at websites like RubMaps, Erotic Massage Parlors, NaughtyReviews, USASexGuide and Spa Hunters.


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