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Two big busts shake the European and American sex industries

Two big busts shake the European and American sex industries

As many readers are probably aware of by now two major raids were carried out recently in Europe and North America that sent shock waves throughout the commercial sex trade. The first raid took place at the well known and heavily advertised Artemis sex sauna [...]


Review: 252 Massage — Phnom Penh, Cambodia


252 Massage is a fishbowl style massage parlor in the heart of Phnom Penh. As the tattered white sign in the street indicates the places was formerly known as Yang Chou. It has been through at least one reincarnation over the years which is normally [...]


Review: Heaven Massage — Angeles City, Philippines


While Angeles City is probably one of the most well known sex industry hot spots in the world I have not covered the place in much detail here on Rockit Reports. Thus far reports on the city and its adult entertainment scene have been limited [...]


Review: FKK Oase — Frankfurt, Germany


FKK Oase is a large and well known Roman-themed sex sauna located in Burgholzhausen which is just outside of the German city of Frankfurt. It bills itself as being “simply the best” and that is hard to argue with. As noted in previous posts FKK [...]


Review: Nao — Tokyo, Japan


The totally foreigner-friendly delivery health shop Tokyo Style has been a topic of discussion on this website since I first mentioned the company in a post back in early 2014. In the time since I have done numerous reports on Tokyo Style including reviews of [...]


Review: Maxim — Vienna, Austria

Review of Maxim Wein strip club in Vienna Austria

I first reported on the commercial sex scene in Austria back in October of 2015. I haven’t posted anything on the country since only because I have been occupied by writing material on other locations. I have much more to write about the country and [...]


Guest Review: Club Oceano — Lugano, Switzerland

Review of Club Oceano Lugano Switzerland

Over the last month I have published two guest reviews by regular commentor European Guy. One was an overview of Orgasmo in Romania and the other was written about Queen’s Chamber in Manila. Since both have gone over well I am pleased to present another [...]


Sex is still on sale in Pattaya, Thailand

Sex is still on sale in Pattaya, Thailand

The seaside Thai city of Pattaya has received a lot of coverage on this website and for good reason. Not only is the city home to more adult entertainment venues than most others around the world is also one of the most known and visited [...]


Review: Absolute Paradise — Chiang Mai, Thailand

Review of Absolute Paradise Spa in Chiang Mai Thailand

Although I have covered the commercial sex scene in Thailand in detail most of that coverage has been limited to the popular large cities of Bangkok and Pattaya. Thus far I have not reviewed locations outside of those cities but that will change today. Bangkok [...]


Review: Hou Va — Macau

Review of Hou Va inexpensive brothel in Macau

I have written in detail about the sale of sex in the “men’s paradise” of Macau. Most of that coverage has been about the relatively pricey saunas which the Special Administrative Region is known for though I have written about the less expensive Darling 1. [...]


Guest Review: Queen’s Chamber — Manila, Philippines

Review of Queen's Chamber KTV in Manila

Following the guest review of Orgasmo in Romania posted a few weeks ago I now present another guest review by EuropeanGuy. At least a few more of these guest reviews will appear on this site in the near future. If they receive a good response [...]